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The Field Museum's Common Ground Program's goal is to unite all of the reference collection databases under one technology solution that is consistent with the Museum's long term collections data strategy. To that end, there are a few cross database queries that are available. The natural history collections available are: Botany, Fishes, Invertebrate Zoology, Insects and Mammals as well as the cultural collections of the Anthropology collections.


Conversion of over 3 million records to KE EMu was partially funded by NSF DBI-0545051 and by the Institute of Museum and Library Services' support for Common Ground, IMLS CM-00-05-0050-05 and an additional IMLS - Museums for America grant (Sept. 2004 - Sept. 2006 , MA-01-04-0817-04).

We claim copyright to our data. The information is available ONLY for not-for-profit scientific use with the stipulation that FMNH be clearly identified as the source of the data. We request copies or reprints of publications that are based on our collections.

To date, we can query the Anthropology, Arthropod, Botany, Fishes, Invertebrate Zoology, and Mammals collections that are now under the Common Ground / EMu umbrella.
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