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Welcome to our Anthropology Collection Database

Our database contains approximately 415,500 catalog records about The Field Museumís anthropology collections from around the world that we invite you to explore.

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Central America
  • Europe
  • North America
  • Pacific
  • South America

To use this database, please request an ID and password. If you are already have an ID and password, you may login straightaway.

Share Your Knowledge

An online Notebook page is available for every record returned in your search results.
  • These pages combine our primary catalog information with digital imagery (when available), and they also give you direct access to other multimedia resources (again, when available).
  • Every notebook page has a blank area where you can record your own observations, comments, corrections, and other notes on the specific object shown.
  • When you press the SUBMIT button below the notebook field, your remarks and observations are added to our database along with your name and the date you submitted them.
  • You will be sent a report that includes both our catalog information and your notes, as well as any notes previously submitted by others when available and if not restricted (see below).
  • Before you save your notes by pressing the SUBMIT button, you are asked to tell us whether you want us to limit public access to what you have written (for up to three years).
  • If you do not restrict access to what you have written, your notes can be read by others outside the Museum who have access to our database.


We do not charge for information about our collections.
  • This information is the property of The Field Museum, and may not to be repackaged or sold in any form without our permission.
  • The Field Museum must be acknowledged in all publications in all media making use of this information in any manner.
  • When acknowledging this database in any publication, please use the following citation: "The Field Museum of Natural History (year accessed): The Anthropology Collections Database. Anthropology Department, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago. http://emuweb.fieldmuseum.org/anthro/Querys.php"
  • We request that users of this database also send the Department of Anthropology at The Field Museum copies of all publications making use of our objects and information.
  • For special requests, please email the appropriate collections manager:


Conversion of Anthropology data to KE EMu was funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services' support for Common Ground, IMLS CM-00-05-0050-05.

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