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The Field Museum's Division of Insects houses worldwide collections of Arthropoda (excluding Crustacea) that rank fifth in overall size among North American collections. At present, the collection includes approximately 4.1 million pinned insects and 8 million specimens or lots of insects and other arthropods in alcohol or on microscope slides. The collection receives heavy use by US and international visitors and borrowers. Collection data are now available online in KE EMu for:
  • Specimen catalogs of bat flies, lice, millipedes, scorpions, and types of other non-mite arachnids, Lepidoptera from Strecker Collection;
  • Species-level inventories (with specimen counts) of our holdings for the beetle families Staphylinidae, Silphidae, Histeridae, Sphaeritidae, Synteliidae, Carabidae (ongoing), and for Lepidoptera and Diptera;
  • Species-level inventories (usually with unit tray counts) for the other insect orders.

This search form does not include our bulk samples; they can be found through their own search page. Searches are automatically performed as whole-word wildcard searches, i.e., entering Chyromya in the Scientific Name field will find all species (and undetermined material) of that genus. The scientific name of partly-identified material is the lowest taxon to which it is identified. Entering a subgeneric name alone will find all taxa in that subgenus if the subgeneric name has been entered in our database; if you don't find something that way, try using the appropriate generic name.

Searches will take more time with wildcards (*) in conjunction with partial words. Results are sorted by Scientific Name, but if there are more than 5000 records in the result set, they will be unsorted. If you choose to enter more than one term in a field, only records with both terms will be returned. The vast majority of records will not have images.

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Contact the collection manager for direct assistance related to Insects data.

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