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This part of our KE EMu database provides access to taxon information in the form of taxon pages, including nomenclature and synonymy, descriptions, remarks, notes on distribution and ecology, and images. It accesses the same part of the database (Taxonomy module) as the Taxonomic Search, but is restricted to species and higher taxa that have detailed information available.

The Botany Taxon Pages project was made possible through funds from the Grainger foundation to the Cryptogam Section of the Botany Department (PI Robert Lücking, Co-PIs Matt von Konrat, Thorsten Lumbsch, Greg Mueller, Sabine Huhndorf, John Engel, Joanna McCaffrey). The initial phase will provide data on circa 5000 cryptogam species, including lichenized and non-lichenized fungi. Data for bryophytes is also being provided as part of the Early Land Plants Today Project (Matt von Konrat, Anders Hagborg, Lars Söderström) supported by GBIF. Special thanks go to Audrey Sica for assistance in the preparation of the data provided for this project.

The Botany Taxon Pages project collaborates closely with the Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) project and the Biodiversity Synthesis Center (Mark Westneat, Audrey Aronowsky), and all species and higher taxa data will be made available to the EOL.

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