Notes on ascomycete systematics
H. Thorsten Lumbsch and Sabine M. Huhndorf (eds.)

This is an alphabetic list of all Notes published in Systema Ascomycetum (Notes 1-2439, Vol. 5-16, 1985-1998) and the printed version of Myconet 2-12 (Notes 2440-4407). Information is given for each Note about its number, the date it was published in Systema Ascomycetum (SA) or the printed version of Myconet (M). For each Note the submitting Author(s) is/are indicated by Acronyms. For instance:

1732. 1994-07-13/SA13:1/ EH = Note 1732, published in printed Systema AscomycetumVol. 13(1), submitted by O.E. Eriksson & D.L. Hawksworth

2440. 1999-05-25/M3/ _ 1999-02-08/E = Note 2440, published in printed Myconet on 1999-05-25 (Vol. 3), submitted by Ove E. Eriksson on 1999-02-08.

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Updated on March 1, 2006 by Ove E. Eriksson, PMG.

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