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The Quick Browse options on the right provide access to the following sets of our data:
  • Items with Images - All specimen records with attached images.
  • Invertebrates - The entire Invertebrates specimen database.
  • Mollusks - Only the molluscan specimen records.
  • Non-Molluscan Invertebrates - Only the specimen records that are not Molluscan lots.
  • Hydrothermal Vent Invertebrates - All specimen records from Hydrothermal Vents (Molluscan and non-Molluscan).
  • Invertebrates from wood falls - All specimen records of wood fall fauna from the deep North Pacific Ocean.
  • Malacological Journals and Newletters Online Database - A Bibliographic database of Malacological Journals (no specimen records).
We claim copyright to our data. The information is available ONLY for not-for-profit scientific use with the stipulation that FMNH be clearly identified as the source of the data. We request copies or reprints of publications that are based on our collections.

Citing this database: If you wish to refer to this database in a publication, use the following attribution: "Field Museum of Natural History (2007): The Invertebrate Zoology Collections Database, Division of Invertebrates, Zoology Department, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago. http://emuweb.fieldmuseum.org/iz/Query.php"

Contact the collection manager for direct assistance related to Invertebrate Zoology data.
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