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Rapid Lichen Guides

The Rapid Lichen Guides is a expanding series of Color Guides based on The Field Museum's successful Rapid Color Guides. The Rapid Lichen Guides consist of individual sheets each containing 20-24 color photographs of lichens representing different taxonomic groups (families, genera), geographic regions, and/or habitats. The sheets can be printed and laminated for use, with consecutive numbers arranged back-to-back as a laminated double-sheet.

The Rapid Lichen Guides are grouped in series with separate numbers. The first complete series available are the Foliicolous Lichens of the World (Rapid Lichen Guides Series 001), produced by Robert Lücking and Paola Martnez Coln.

The Rapid Lichen Guides are available here for free download. Each sheet comes at high resolution (300 dpi) and medium jpg quality sufficient for both printing or viewing on-screen. For a list view of all currently available guides, leave the search field empty and press the search button. or else for a more targeted result, search for keywords such as family or genus name.

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